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Fitting for opponents in 5-Card Draw

Опубликовано: 23rd Август 2012 кем Сергей Должанский в 5-Card Draw, Articles in English, ПОКЕР

In 5-Card Draw there are many situations where different opponents behave differently. Good players are trying to balance the game, while adapting to opponents playing. Players weaker in most cases play only on their cards, not paying attention to the actions of opponents. Try to structure the main points that you should pay attention, adjusting […]

The tactics of the playing in Dons (double-ups)

Опубликовано: 10th Август 2012 кем Сергей Должанский в Articles in English, Доны (Double or Nothing), ПОКЕР

Don Tournament is the type of SNG-tournaments, where the money gets half of the participants, and once this tournament ends, the other half did not receive anything. Prizes at the same time — double the buy-in minus the rake. The basic format of this tournament — a tournament for 10 and 6 people. Today, let’s […]

Choice of poker room

Опубликовано: 26th Июль 2012 кем Сергей Должанский в Articles in English, ПОКЕР

We select points that are worth paying attention to when choosing a poker room.