Choice of poker room

Опубликовано: 26.07.2012. Автор: Игорь Золотов в Articles in English, ПОКЕР

We select points that are worth paying attention to when choosing a poker room.

— Reputation and references. Before you make money deposit in a particular room, read the reviews about it on various forums from the existing players.
— Soft. For those who want to engage in professional poker, it is important that the selected poker room was a high-quality software. At present, difficult to make serious money playing for a small number of tables, so you have to play softly distance by playing more tables at once. This requires that the selected poker room had a soft fit for the multitabling.
— The resolution of support programs. Many players enjoy the game with different programs (Poker Tracker, Holdem Manager, etc.). If you belong to this category of players, be sure to ask whether it is possible in this poker room to use these programs.
— The number of online players. There are many rooms with a very small number of players, so in these rooms is not always possible to find a sufficient the number of tables on the right, or you limit the form of the game.
— The level of players. Of course, it’s nice to play with the weak players. It is worth paying attention to the presence in the selected room different casino games. Typically, in such rooms below the level of players, as Poker players come to play, originally called at the casino.
— Rakeback and VIP — conditions. To date, various rakeback and VIP-programs can be a great part of the profit of professional poker player.
— Bonuses and Promotions. Various bonuses and promotions offered by rooms can give very serious boost to your bankroll.
— A variety of games. Of course, the game of Texas Hold’em there are in all rooms, as in most rooms there is Omaha. For fans of the less common types of poker to find an alternative PokerStars is almost impossible.
— Сonvenient input / output of money.

The choice of poker room — a very important procedure. If you prefer to register through the affiliate, go to his choice seriously. A good poker room in conjunction with a trusted affiliates — a very serious help in achieving significant results in poker.