Fitting for opponents in 5-Card Draw

Опубликовано: 23.08.2012. Автор: Игорь Золотов в 5-Card Draw, Articles in English, ПОКЕР

In 5-Card Draw there are many situations where different opponents behave differently. Good players are trying to balance the game, while adapting to opponents playing. Players weaker in most cases play only on their cards, not paying attention to the actions of opponents. Try to structure the main points that you should pay attention, adjusting to the opponent, and thus making it difficult to read your hand.

— As with any other form of poker to draw attention to the fact with which hand and from what position opponents come into play (raise or call).
— Steal & protection blinds. With a sufficiently large number of hands already be approximated by a range of steal and protection blinds by opponents.
— How many cards change the opponent, having the pair and an ace. Many players have this feature, they are besides a pair in the exchange reserve is also an ace, changing the two cards. If this player exchanged two cards that are not needed in most cases to be afraid that he has a thrips.
— Playing with a strong pair or weak two pairs. These hands are difficult to play, and should be fold to the aggression of the opponents. Weak players are often not able to fold these hands.
— How many cards change the opponent, having the thrips. This is one of the key concepts in the five-card draw poker. Good players are balancing the game, changing to thrips sometimes one, sometimes two cards, making your hand unreadable. Many of the players are in this situation monotonous. On these players need to do take notes.
— Is the player like to pull straight and flush draw. Then carefully put them in the case of the successful and unsuccessful exchange.
— Another key point. Can the player do bluff stand pat. With the growth of the blinds and the absence of good cards sometimes it becomes necessary to take the pot, startling power of his opponents’ hands. Attention is also drawn, against how many opponents a player is on a bluff.
— Can the player to open a stand pat without having ready five-card hand. Against these players you can’t often bluff.

These recommendations are for the game in the SNG tournaments. When a stage of the bubble, they need to play very aggressively. Most opponents does not like this game and start making mistakes. In a cash game where the blinds are constant, you need to play tighter, while also trying to adapt to the opponent’s actions, and difficult to read your hand.